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Bollinger Champagne

Champagne Bollinger was founded in 1829, and is still 100% family owned today. Mentzendorff have been agents for Bollinger since 1858.

Somewhat unusual for a Champagne House, Bollinger have been growers and producers from the outset.

70% of Bollinger's grape supply comes from its own vineyards. This is a minimum, set out in Bollinger's Charter of Ethics and Quality, which was published in 1992. This Charter confirms the House's commitment to true standards of excellence, and reinforces their stubborn determination to maintain those standards that have made Bollinger a watchword for the quality of Champagne.

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Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut Champagne

Unlike many Champagne Houses, Bollinger only produces two different blends: that designed for the Special Cuvée, and that which will become Grande Année. Following the harvest period, Bollinger's decisions on blending are not made before January. The blend for the Special Cuvée is an ideal version of the classic Champagne blend, using the different grapes of a given year from a variety of crus, with the addition of older, reserve wines. This blend necessarily incorporates subtle variations each year whilst remaining consistent to a style. It is, therefore, the hardest of all to make. It contains the full expression of the Bollinger style and the House feels it should be judged on this - its benchmark wine.

Bollinger Grande Annee 1996 Vintage Champagne

The Grande Année blend comes only from a particularly fine harvest. When such a harvest occurs the House selects its best wines, cru by cru and grape variety by grape variety - the key to the particular year. The R.D. is simply a logical extension of this approach taken further by extended the ageing on lees.